56 PCS Bloody Halloween Window Clings Wall - Vampire Zombie Party Handprint Decals Decorations

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  • Quantity - 28 bloody hand prints and 28 bloodstain.
  • Measurement - 6 sheets included.Each is 12"x 17".
  • How to use? - They have NO adhesive! They stick all by themselves!These amazing little things stick to your windows.. then peel off without damaging the glass OR the cling!
  • Where to use it?-These are great for home windows, glass storm doors, mirrors or any other smooth surface.We do not recommend using them in car windows as the heat may cause them to shrunk or peel.
  • Reusable - They're reusable so you can store them for use each year! Just save the backing they came on and store them flat and in a cool place.