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Material - Environmental PVC
Wear the bunny ears on your head and make toss ring a moving target!
Meaurement - (After inflating)Headband:approx.9.5"internal dia.Bunny ears:16"tall.Ring Toss:6.25" in diameter.
Easy to Inflate and deflate Bunny Ears and Rings.
Pefect for playing fun or Easter party prizes.You can hang the inflatable rings on bunny ears.

Package includings:

Bunny Ears Headband x 1
Pink toss ring x 1
Blue toss ring x 1
Green toss ring x 1
Purple toss ring x 1

Make Memories with Easter Party Games! Spice up the Easter party with unique Easter games like this bunny ear ring toss game!
Players take turn tossing the rings at the bunny ears. The player who gets the most rings around the ears wins.