12PCS Stretchy Fidget String Sensory Toys - ADD/ADHD/Autism Kid's Reduce Stress Reliever

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Made of strong and durable TPR materials that you can stretches up to 8 feet! These stretchy string comes 6 neon colors: red,orange,green,blue,yellow and purple.(12pcs per package) It's fun to stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them then watch them bounce back to their original shape. STRESS RELIEVER:can ease the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, ADD, ADHD,and autism through sensory and tactile stimulation. RECOMMENDED BY:Teachers, Therapists and Parents who want to help students,children over 3 years old and adults to reduce stress and stay focused! A great fidget toy for kids on the spectrum! These 12pcs sensory noodles are great for adults and children alike.They are therapeutic for all ages all the time.It will keeps fidgety little hands busy but be careful. Help those with stress and high anxiety find relaxing calm and focus with sensory stretchy fidget string from Special Supplies. NOTE: Do not wrap around neck or use to restrict blood flow.